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The Briar & The Burley

Specializing in high end goods such as;

pipes, pipe tobacco, cigars, luggage, leather

goods, pens, wallets, brief cases, shave gear

Ferrari & F1 gear, and much more! 

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Web Store

Neerup, 2 #4


Pipemaker Peder Jeppesen has been crafting pipes for over 25 years, having worked with Eric Nording and Karl Erik for many years before venturing out on his own. His new line of Neerup pipes - reviving his old family name - are moderately priced in a variety of price levels. Freehand pipes compete with the best of the Danish market and are individually shaped and fitted hand cut mouthpieces.


All items will be shipped USPS and that fee will be added to the total bill. We do not charge for handling, that service is free. The only additional cost will be that of the shipping itself.

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