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The Briar & The Burley

Specializing in high end goods such as;

pipes, pipe tobacco, cigars, luggage, leather

goods, pens, wallets, brief cases, shave gear

Ferrari & F1 gear, and much more! 

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Web Store

Luigi Viprati Collection Platinum #75


This is a very beautiful, one of a kind, Luigi Viprati Collection Platinum, one of Luigi's premium lines. Absolutely incredibly pieces. The squares on the grid are 1 inch by 1 inch squares.



Weight: 250 grams


Bowl Diameter: 3 3/4"


Chamber Diameter: 1"



Luigi's comments about this line:



"The pipes of this collection come from a selection of pipes I have made in the last 15 years. A lot of them belong to my private collection. They are my beloved creations, which better express my infinite passion for this object, irreplaceable daily companion. These pipes were carved from very precious briar root, seasoned from 7 to 10 years and they come with a personalized case"

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