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The Briar & The Burley

Specializing in high end goods such as;

pipes, pipe tobacco, cigars, luggage, leather

goods, pens, wallets, brief cases, shave gear

Ferrari & F1 gear, and much more! 

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Radice "Rind GTW", #9


This pipe is a Radice "Rind GTW".  This is really a pretty cool, extra-large, straight, billiard shaped pipe.  The pipe has a really nice rusticated finish and beautiful saddle bit stem and a pretty tall bowl.  The squares on the grid in the photos provided measure 1" by 1", and a golf ball is shown for scale.




Bowl Diameter: 1 11/16"


Chamber Diameter: 7/8" Tapered


Bowl Height: 2 9/16"


Weight: 76 Grams


Length: 6"

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