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The Briar & The Burley

Specializing in high end goods such as;

pipes, pipe tobacco, cigars, luggage, leather

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Savinelli Autograph "4", #66


Savinelli's comments on their Autograph line;


"The most suitable definition of this pipe is: a ‘jewel’

This rare, unique and irreplaceable pipe, is shaped from the raw material following the grain and the “fiammatura” (“flame”), which Mother Nature has put at our disposal, according to the artistic mood of our master craftsmen. The wood is natural and the shape is unique for each piece. The name “Autograph” was created from the handwritten signature of Achille Savinelli Senior printed on the mouthpiece."


This particular Autograph is a grade 4 in a beautiful fan shape. The grain is absolutely stunning almost like straight rays of lite extending from the base of the fan, not to mention the gorgeous plateau that runs all along the top of the bowl.

The squares on the grid in the photos provided measure 1'' by 1", and a golf ball is shown for scale.

Dimensions are as follows;

Bowl Diameter: 1 9/16"

Chamber Diameter: 29/32" Slightly Tapered

Bowl Height: 2 7/16"

Weight: 80 Grams

Length: 6 7/8"


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